The ADD Guide To Barstow

We know something happened to Robert in January. We know it involved a woman called Lola Devine who had a later run-in with the LAPD.

We know it also had something to do with Eric D'Angelo and Robert's nephew Ben. There's a guy called Rudy involved and an attorney called Joel.

There's also a television executive called C*** B********** in the mix.

So. You're still reading right?

Good. Here's the outline:

Man wakes up in LA.
Man decides to go cold turkey from SSRI's.
Man gets laid off due to writer's strike.
Man drives to Vegas to meet friend from NYC.
Man only gets as far as Barstow.
Man crosses paths with girl.
Man is followed by girl like a syphalitic shadow
Man leaves Barstow.
Man is promised ride to LA by Samuel Macy.
Man and Macy have altercation.
Man leaves Barstow for second time in one day.
Man has a secret.
Man gets back to LA with secret.
Man gets contacted by person who he shares secret with.
Man has to make sure the secret is secure.
Man take the law into his own hands and secures a future.

There are bits missing, namely subtext, counter-plot and one very important character who we will talk about later but there you have it. A book in 16 sentances.