Eric D'Angelo Spawn Of The Devil

So while I'm going over the messages from the people that on Iain's Mailshot today I figured I would tell you a bit more about what you'll be seeing in Barstow.

One of the undercurrents we discovered in our research involved my nephew Ben and his buddy Eric. Eric is one of those kids that makes me pissed when I drive through town. The kid's always running some scam here or dodging class or some shit. For the past year or so Ben has gotten himself more and more tangled with him. The way I see it is my sister don't have any major issues so neither do I. If one of them steps out of line big time then I'll have something to say but til then I'm cool just trying to ignore it all. Eric's old man is Paul Morella an DP who works in the Valley most days or sometimes gets a good gig and is flown to some location to shoot. His mom is Allison D'Angelo and she's a bit-part soap actress. Best bit is she doesn't even use her own name! They have a so-so place in Silver Lake. It's a place a few doors away from where Keanu Reeves's band practice and just a block over is Beck's buddy. I went there once but it's not really my scene. They're way too 'alternative' in the way they live for me. The best thing about the place for me is it's a ten minute walk from Good Microbrewery.

Back on topic. Eric and Ben have a few scams running. Didn't we all at that age? Who want's to be stuck in school when there's cold hard cash to be had someplace else! I knew they were up to tricks but had no idea how deep they were until Iain dug up some pretty heavy shit when he was doing his research. Suffice to say Eric is right on target to be a player for a few years after dropping out of college then he'll probably wind up either working in a bar or running short cons for dimes and nickels. Ben's a bright kid but way too easily distracted. After finding out how he got suckered in by Eric on the hooker's scam I gave the kid a talking-to. Seems fine now but then again until this whole thing got underway I figured him for a good kid!

There. That should be enough for you guys for now. I have a missed call and voicemail from Iain to attend to, so no guessing what that's about; I gave him an angry-man phone call this afternoon, what with all the mail hitting my inbox! I hate writing these things. This is most likely gonna be the longest post I'll be doing - why hire a dog and bark yourself, right?