Girls Girls Girls

While Rob's in NYC I'm doing some more research, double checking you might say, and want to throw something out there...

Does anyone of you know or has come into contact with a person named "Janine Cork" in the Los Angeles area? It may be Janice or Jenine. I'm pretty sure the surname is Cork however. The handwriting is hard to make out clearly.

She would be slim, white with shortish dark hair. Not sure what eye color. Strong willed / foul mouthed and had been in Vegas for some time from January 2008 and prior.

She didn't mention areas in particular as far as Rob can recall but she was headed 'back to Hollywood'. We are not sure if she was a long term resident of the area of a transient person who moved a lot.

Following Rudy's 'find' I want to do some more digging.

It would be great to have your help on this one. We've exhausted our usual routes and nothing big has turned up so I thought you might be able to help and become involved with the project.

Robert and I would be extremely grateful if you would let us know any information that could help.

Thank you.