************* BREAKING NEWS ************** ********* The U.S. Department of Defense**********

"BARSTOW" is a hit!

I can't believe it! I just got of the phone with Robert and he's checking it out too!

We have a couple of gadgets in the code for this site that enable us to track who has been here and when and what they looked at. All good stuff when you consider our intellectual property is on display for all and sundry to look at. This type of technology is freely available on the web and will turn even the most technophobe into a pseudo-java geek in minutes.

Since sending out my mailshot thingummyjig yesterday we have had a horde of people hitting the site to read it. One of those hits was from the Advanced Research Project Agency or to use their buzz-word acronym: DARPA.

You can read DARPA’s Strategic Plan by clicking here.

Are we to be flattered? I think we are.

Yes this is an amazing project but I'm not quite sure what it has to do with developing new technology for use by the military.

So our little project has spread far and wide and is now being followed by the men in suits, who are probably reading this post from a bunker under a mountain somewhere. If Rob and I can brighten up their day by sharing "Barstow" with them then so be it. We'll consider it our national duty to keep the men who keep us safe happy and smiling!