Let The Flood Gates Open

I'll introduce myself first.

My name is Iain H. McLean and I'm a writer. I am in the twelve step program and each day I try to get one step closer to becoming just an ordinary person but the pull of words is far too strong for me. I have written for television networks as a freelancer and also have a couple of feature scripts doing the rounds in town with one in development. I guess you'll learn more about me as I post on this blog we've started.

Until now Robert and I have held off from posting much as we (for we read me) have been compiling research and actually getting down to the nitty gritty of writing the book. Now that process has entered it's editorial stages we have more time to post here.

I am actually hoping Robert will learn how to use blogger and help me out so I can concentrate on the book and not get waylaid with the web. So far he's been an incredible memory of events, as during the course of our interviews he has dictated whole passages what happened in Barstow.

The main body of work for me over the last few months has been turning his streams of consciousness into readable text and using what he told me as a platform for my own investigations. I have felt from the outset of this project, and Robert has agreed, that nothing we put in the book should be too far removed from reality. With that fact in mind I have been a familiar face in a myriad of offices of lawyers, newspapers, police departments as well as meeting some of the protagonists in bars and restaurants all around the Hollywood and Barstow areas.

The last thing I have to say in this post is to thank Robert Eisner publicly for giving me the chance to be a part of this project. He has introduced me to some great and influential people in the process and I'm sure that will help my career no end. For that, Bob, I thank you. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy reading about how "Barstow" happened.