The Secret To Sucess In Hollywood


While I have a break in my schedule here in NYC I wanted to post something that's become important to me over the last couple of years or so. Through my career I have worked my way up the greasy pole of Hollywood, initially in both film and TV but latterly solely in television. Along the way I have pitched a show to a network, had it produced and got the all coveted 'created by' credit. I never actually worked on the show but that doesn't matter; because of my credit I still get paid.

During that time I became embroiled with a guy we shall call CB. CB is a network executive and someone I know from my extremely infrequent visits to the temple. He's also a shark. When the show got momentum in the offices of power CB sidled into the fray. Initially we needed his input but he soon took over. It has taken a lot of time and effort but Joel has eventually leveled the playing field. While the writer's strike was on CB made his move to have me erased from the show's history. Luckily for me I had Joel in my pocket to do what he does best, fix things before they reach the media.

That's not what I wanted to say but hey, it must have needed to come out. What I wanted to say was that most of the power players in tinsel town are highly medicated. Most have a base level of prescription drugs in their systems. Things like Lexapro, Citalopram, Prozac, Fluvoxamine, Amitriptyline or Paxil. These are SSRI's and Tricylics. SSRI's increase mood by increasing serotonin levels in your brain. Tricylics are more potent and generally older styled drugs. They also have the huge drawback of suicidal tenancies. The benefit of these drugs is that they increase your mood and let stress or pressure affect you much less. This makes the user more efficient in the workplace.

Basically while on these drugs you don't have any major lows. You have temper outbursts but not huge swings of emotion. This means you also have no major highs. Smiles rarely truly happen when on one of these drugs. What this means for the high attrition rate of the entertainment is that you can go into any meeting fearless of rejection. That is how I pitched the show. I didn't care if they said no. I wouldn't feel anything. The drawback to all of this is that it leave the user an emotional wasteland and more often than not a history of broken relationships and failed friendships.

In January I went cold turkey from the drug I was being prescribed. I just woke up one morning and decided to do it. Then I got laid off in the writer's strike debacle. Then... I drove to Vegas to meet and old friend from New York but I never got there. Barstow happened instead. What I am saying is that if you or anyone you know is living a life that is adversely affected by one of these drugs please visit the links I got Iain to put on the site. No one should have to live like the executives in Los Angeles, no one deserves to be that afraid and lonely of happiness.

I made it off the damn things and feel 110% better for it. So can you with the support of the websites listed. Good luck in your attempts and email me if you need to talk. Right now I have to go to a meeting with Grundy Television. Thanks for reading. Thanks also for the great and supportive emails I have received from some of you. If any of you worked out ways to deal with your withdrawals share them in the comments section.