Today's Mailshot

If you've already read the previous post you'll have no doubts about why I'm on here. I got in the grip of email fever this morning with a new software program that allowed me to mail shot everyone I knew! I think that with all my hard work in this project so far telling a few friends about it shouldn't be anything bad.

We've had a lot of visitors today and a few great messages like the one from Michael in Encino who says:

".Jesus, Iain, this is amazing. I'm a sucker for this sort of thing (Hunter Thompson fan, low moral constitution), and I'll be checking in to the blog regularly...."

Then there was one from someone who wasn't so kind. All it said was:


Over the next few weeks we'll be posting snippets of what Rob and I went through once we started this monster. I unearthed some pretty weird findings I'll tell you.

Most of the initial work was done in either Bob's Big Boy on Friday afternoons while both our cars were sat outside with all the other classics or in various cafes over brunch.

Following our initial meeting we both knew we liked great beer and it soon became evident we also shared a passion for old cars and good food. Rob owns a '68 Firebird in blue with a rag top and I have a numbers matching silver '75 Corvette with T tops.

With my initial discussions with Rob complete I took the recordings I made and worked out who I had to find and what I needed to know from them.

Using this as a base for almost everything in the book we both knew pretty early on that Barstow was going to be very much a roman à clef using Rob's point of view for the most part. The bits of included where Rob wasn't present or didn't actually see what happened were written to the best of my ability from the data available.

Once we settle in this blog should be a really great thing. Not many people get the chance to share their research as well as their results and get good reviews. Mind you not many people have the raw material to work with that I did.

Well I have had a terrific day and it's all but over now so I'm off to see what the Boss wants - he just called.