Cheers! ... in Barstow?

I've been busy for the last week getting all my notes together. Since Robert dropped his therapy bombshell I have been frantically trying to get all my notes in one place so I can work out how to run this site single handed for the time being.

One interesting fact I have stumbled across this week is that the TV show Cheers was originally going to be set in Barstow!

The story I was told is that the first idea was to have an American version of the British show Fawlty Towers and base it in Barstow. The main character Sam Malone was going to be a former football player, not a baseball player. Apparently once they cast Ted Danson in the role they figured he looked more baseball that football so the producers switched out the locations and made Sam a Boston boy.

How different would life have been for Rob if Cheers! did air based in Boston. A whole different type of people would now be living there. Food for thought indeed.