An Official Statement.

Hello everyone. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say for the immediate future, Iain will have sole control over this project. Since Rudy gave us the paper showing the call out to a Hollywood location for a deceased female I have not felt at all well. Posting the note on this site only forced me to over analyze my thoughts. I cannot continue to discuss the issues surrounding our project without jeopardizing my well-being. Seeing that note on the site hit me hard and brought the finite reality of all of this crashing down hard on me. In March I began working with Iain on our project and opened myself to examination. So far he is the only person to know the full list of events. That process of inward looking brought forth more than I imagined would come. I now need to heal and come to terms with what has happened.

I have given Iain the authority to keep up our work on here for all to see while I seek therapy. I have demons to deal with. That is the main reason Iain or myself have not posted for nearly a week since the previous issue. I asked Iain not to post until I had reached a decision in my own mind. After nights of little sleep and long unfilled days I know I have to let go and get help. The wounds form January are still raw for me. Iain has all the interviews and research at his disposal and shall both be in regular communication. I will be available via email for anyone who wants to ask any questions but I will not be, for the immediate future, posting.

I have heard from Chip in NYC that the meetings didn't go as well as I expected and my hope of an escape route from everything has not materialized.

What I have asked Iain to do is to fill everyone in with the roll call and who's who of the January saga. With new information coming to light recently we have learned that, as always things didn't end where we thought they did. Please support Iain in his efforts.

Until next time.