Brian Glazer Injects New Inspiration


I haven't been keeping up to date with the blog over the last few weeks as I have been working on some freelance gigs, earning the money while it's still out there, and also I have been hard at it on a major edit of the book.

Through most of this Rob has been elusive to say the least.

He now lives down in a place he's rented from some associate he knows that's north of Sunset on Hillhurst... so it's okay for some right?

The rest of us still have to live in the valley.

I'm on the home run with the edit and have made some major changes to the initial thrust that was Rob's vision. Having invested so much of myself in the project from the research and pulling the threads together I figured I was allowed to tighten the story a little here and there.

So far Rob likes what I'm doing.

Tonight I got a call. I was hard at it, watching TV, checking out the trash that's on offer when Rob called. The first thing is that he seldom calls and as we only met last week I was wondering what was up. The second thing is it's late on Sunday night.

Who the fuck calls anyone late on a Sunday night unless the call involves either drugs or a hooker at some point; or perhaps both?

So he tells me I have to meet him. Fuck me! Anyway he's rambling on like some kid on speed for the first time so I decide to head out. He also offered to shout me a cocktail so that kind of swung the deal as he's as tight as a ducks ass.

Any freebies from him are more than welcome!

Especially when it involves meeting at Formosa on Santa Monica and La Brea, who wouldn't like to have late night cocktails on one of Hollywood's original and iconic hangouts?

He tells me this weekend has been a killer two days as far as PGA (Producers Guild of America) members are concerned. They had screening of Bolt on Saturday morning, then Australia and a Q&A with Baz Luhrmann on Saturday evening.

Tonight he went to see Frost:Nixon and met Brian Glazer after the Q&A at the WGA theater.

Lucky fucker!

The one thing I got from the conversation that was had was something about Brian telling Rob that the main reason he [Brian Glazer] got on so well after having gotten Splash made was that he knew that the word "No" is only a temporary statement.

Rob told me that Brian said that when someone says "no" during a pitch meeting he asks them what they're actually saying no to... as the project hasn't been realized yet and is completely intangible so there is, in fact, nothing to say no to - only their inadequacies as a producer to make the vision real.

This, to me, sounded cool. No one will admit to that. A win win situation that takes balls to make but invariably, according to Mr. Glazer, gets you what you want.

So now thanks the spikey haired genius I have a lunatic on my hands pressing for the latest copy of the book to scan through and red-ink again.

The other thing he told me is I have to see Australia, if only to check out the size of the vein on Hugh Jackman's stomach on one of the campfire scenes.

Apparently Mr. Jackman has been working out and it shows!

I couldn't tell if Rob was jealous of the vein or scarily drawn to it.

Either way after the second drink and a plate of sliders (which by the way are awesome as they make them with fillet Mignon and Blue Stilton) I made my excuses and got the hell out of there before we ended up in one of those all night drinking sessions that happened so frequently while we were beginning this project.

I value my renal system too much for that to happen again, and bile tastes like shit at eleven thirty in the morning the next day.