Bob's Back... For One Night Only!

Interesting thing happened today. I was half way done on the edit of the project when the phone rang. Lo and behold it was the mysterious mister Eisner.

He wanted to meet up and find out how things were progressing, and also to show me something he thought I'd like.

The one clause was I had to meet him downtown in the Biltmore. Cool. Don't know why he's staying there; and to be honest I didn't want to ask as I know there's a lot of pressure on him right these days following the fallout from the events back at the start of the year with Lola. It's made him almost transient in his lifestyle as he keeps ties to a minimum.

Anyway, I had a Grande Manhattan cocktail which I can highly recommend. We discussed the book and he was pleased about the progress it's making. That seemed to relax him while he chomped into a venison burger!

In the midst of all this he said my work pulling the his story into something readable and having it up on the web has inspired him to put pen to paper himself. He's got a few story ideas and a couple have already been written apparently. I guess now we know why he dropped out of being hand-on involved in this project.

The thing he had for me was nice. He's spent some cash on his Firebird and got her up the the standard my Corvette is, looks wise. His engine's a monster. Mine doesn't quite have the apcoalyptic, break-neck power of his. How he drives that thing daily without wrapping it round a lamppost is beyond me.

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here she is... The love of Robert Eisner's life, Layla, the Firebird - and for what might prove to be one of the few times: Robert Eisner on film!