Since the initial parts and various drafts of Self Affirmation For The Dead were handed out to readers (both professional readers for studios and other writers) it has been recieving great reviews. A collection of them are listed below:

"...The writing is crisp and well done with a richness in language and imagery. This is a definite must read."
P.S. Dunn
Author: The Wheels of Fire

"... A very accessible style. Grabs you from the outset..."
Alexander de Witte
Author: The Wisdom Tree And The Doormouse

"...Fast-moving, sardonic, stream of consciousness (a cross between Joyce and Tarantino) with an idiosyncratic turn of phrase that made me laugh on more than one occasion..."
Ian Cook

"! This book takes prisoners, captivates, and leaves you gagging for more..."

"...In some ways, the style is evocative of the Kerouac era, many moons ago. I liked the underlying humour and the introspection of the narrator ..."
Mark Frankel
Author - Brief Encounters, A Collection Of Short Stories

"Truly OUTSTANDING work..."
Thomas J Winton
Author - Beyond Nostalgia

"... Holy smokes this is good stuff. The writing is crisp, there’s a laconic edge to your prose, world-weariness (Mr. Eisner) that shines through. This is very L.A."
Tom Bradley Jr.
Award Winning Journalist - The San Diego Union-Tribune