The Story Continues...

Since working on Self Affirmation For The Dead we dug deep into the events of that fateful weekend from the sanctity of our Los Angeles base. In the weeks spent compiling information to work out how to make the story interesting Rudy Whitman, a paparazzo associate of Joel Katz, delivered a scrap of paper that casts new light onto the fate of one of the people involved with the events in the Mojave Desert.

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June 2010. Time has passed since the events that unfolded in the Mojave Desert changed Robert Eisner's outlook on the world. He moved north to the Bay Area to get out of the LA bubble and Iain McLean relocated to Melbourne, Australia but they're back on speaking terms and working together again.

Robert has been emailing regular updates to Iain since a brief return to his hunting ground in Southern California. They're not sure how the new project will turn out but so far the source material is interesting - a salesman from Detroit who runs a business in the Inland Empire with ties to the New Jersey maffia and an arsonist for hire.

Names will be changed to protect the guilty except for you, Ken, you fucking asshole.