The Authors

Robert Eisner

Robert is a veteran of the entertainment industry. He left his native Pacific Northwest home and a mundane cable network job armed with a degree in journalism to travel south to the media mecca of the western world, Los Angeles.

Since arriving in Hollywood over a decade ago Robert has worked his way up the often unaccredited career ladder from roles such as Hot Sheet Writer, through Production Assistant and Field Producer to his most recent position as Senior Q.A. Producer for one of the major television networks. Robert has taken an indefinite break from work, choosing to travel for the foreseeable future.

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Iain H. McLean

Architecturally educated Los Angeles denizen Iain H. McLean resigned an illustrious position as R&D Director for one of America's largest home improvement companies to become a professional writer. Not a sensible move in most eyes.

Iain is now an award winning writer and has worked for two of the three major television networks on various prime time shows as well as freelance for independent production companies. Iain divides his time between Melbourne Australia, where he now lives with his wife, and Los Angeles where he has scripts both under option and in development.

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Iain has an other work currently under way called The Tulip Garden