An inexorable odyssey into the American psyche in the Mojave Desert.

It’s Friday night and Robert Eisner, Bob to none of his friends, has just been ousted from his TV producing job. Heading for Vegas to blow off reality he finds himself stranded and a felon after the journey goes very wrong. Facets of Robert’s world weave together as his story unfolds. A blackmailing entertainment attorney, an online dating scam, a hooker chasing the American Dream, a soldier suffering from PTSD and the California Highway Patrol all crash together testing Robert to breaking point while he looks for serenity. Events are compounded when Robert decides to go cold turkey from his anti-depressants and has to fight severe withdrawal effects as well as his predicament.

After being unexpectedly ‘let go’ from his job, a phone call from an old associate in Vegas inspires Robert to head to sin city to re-invigorate his mind, cleanse his soul and amuse his body. Always a man in a hurry, Robert is pulled over en route by the California Highway Patrol. Unable to cope with another turn of bad-luck Robert erupts and the officer ends up unconscious in the trunk of his car. Panicked, Robert stops in Barstow to call Joel, his attorney, but is told to call back later. He rents a motel room and begins self-medicating to combat his escalating anxiety.

Heading out to find a liquor store Robert pretends to be a woman’s husband to help her escape rowdy rednecks in a bar. When the woman, an ex-hooker called Lola, learns Robert is from Hollywood she begs him to take her with him.

With the CHP officer still unconscious and Lola in tow, Robert drives out of town during the night to destroy all evidence of the officer’s kidnapping before wiping all trace of himself from the motel and ditching Lola, asleep in the room. The next morning the motel manager gives Lola an ultimatum: leave or he’ll call the cops. As they argue, the now conscious, semi-naked CHP officer makes his bid for freedom, stunning both the manager and Lola.

Picked up hitchhiking along I15 by Sergeant Macy from Fort Irwin, Robert finds himself driving back to Barstow. Macy just needs a few things before heading down to LA. Macy offers Robert a joint but when Robert refuses the sergeant launches into a psychotic rant. The two men fight and Robert narrowly escapes only to encounter Lola fleeing the motel. Reunited with her one chance at reaching LA, Lola defends Robert when he is ambushed by the furious CHP officer.

Against their judgment the three unite to steal Macy’s truck but get caught. Robert hides as Macy attempts to rape Lola. She fights back, killing him accidently. She jumps in Macy’s truck and takes off as Robert and the CHP officer escape, agreeing to a pact that neither will talk to anyone about what happened so they may save their reputations and liberty.

One week later Lola is arrested in Hollywood. She cuts a deal with the LAPD and tells them about the events in Barstow. In a final move of the chess game Robert meets Lola in a diner. He hands her a hot-shot, a drug concoction that will painlessly kill her, preventing the truth from ever getting out.

Exploring the relationships of reality and fiction Barstow is co-authored by the main character using his oratory as a launch pad for the narrative.