The Breast of LA Weekly

I landed a few hours back at Burbank's statement of inadequacy, the Bob Hope Airport which is located in cunningly close proximity to Valhalla Memorial Park. Whether this is a designed town planning layout or a Freudian fuck-up I don't know but they could do with expanding the boundaries of the park to encompass the airport and be done with it.

NYC was a good trip I had a handful of great meetings and some really beneficial face time with people who can get me to where I want to be soon in this progression they call career. With the events of the last few days swimming in my cranium I got in the car after leaving the terminal and checked my cell only to get some garbled message from Iain. Apparently he's been hanging out at the Sunset Junction Festival and run into a really cool artist who he want's to hook me up with for a get together. I have no idea what he has in mind until I call him tomorrow.

Then I really know that I'm back in La-La Land when I grab a copy of LA Weekly and read on page 40 that today August 23, 2008 at Venice Beach I missed out on putting my best breast forward in support of Go Topless Protest Day. I'm sure the bums had smiles all round and the cops had their hands full. Literally. Only in LA would that happen. For the last few hours I've been sat smiling at the mental imagery of semi-naked men and women running down the boardwalk with cops chasing them... the sad part is you can bet your ass most of the nakedness will be from saggy granola eating hippies and not the pert fashionistas we'd like it to be.

Any-fucking-way. I am way tired to be up writing here. I see Iain's been spreading the word again with all the hits we've been getting and the remarks left in my inbox and on here so I'm off to consider vehemently self-polluting myself and further crippling my debased moral attitude with images of a 56 year old naked women running down Venice Beach with basset hound titties flapping in the salty air. Now that's why real estate prices down there are so high!

Pause to check out the cause. Vive le resistance! Did any of you get down there or catch a glimpse? It'd be kind of cool to know the authorities got all bothered by a brood of boobies!