Legal Issues


Last night I drove over the hill to meet up with Rudy; Rob's already mentioned him so there's not need to bring him deeper in! Suffice to say he is the sort of person who defies logic.

Rudy is a all grizzled hair and sweat but manages to get himself in the best places. I don't know how and I don't ask; just put it this way, the guys you see working for TMZ are models compared to Rudy!

Anyhoo I met him over on Fairfax at Oki Dog where he gets his nightly nutrition. He gave me some info that brings new light to something we thought we would not get answers to. The info in question is a sheriff report from a call in January.

I have suspicions about it but it looks genuine. Firstly the sheet has three punched binder holes that are over some of the text boxes on the sheet. To me that says the sheet was not designed to be punched as some words now have letters missing. The holes have also been ripped out - like it was torn out of a file.

Secondly the bloody thing is filthy like someone's been holding onto it in the trunk of their car for ages.

He tore the thing in two. Rob and I have one half and he kept the half with the badge number and phone numbers on. He reckons that is his insurance.

Fuck! people like him piss me off. They ask for money then want more and more like we're some kind of frigging bank! Fair enough what he showed me was worth it but for the cash he got we should get all the sheet not half of it!

Last night Rob and I agreed extreme caution was needed until we can cross-check it to verify some of the details. Not that we don't trust Rudy, we just don't know where he gets this stuff so if he want's to play with fire that's fine. We'd rather not get burned thank you.

So... we'll not be posting the sheet just yet but keep checking back... Rob's making calls and hopefully by the time he gets back from a forthcoming New York trip he might have answers.

The only thing that made us stop in our tracks was the description on the sheet. From what we can make out the handwriting says: "White Tank w/Hollywood motif. Red Pleated..." Then it's torn in two.

The other thing is the name listed: "Janine" from what we can see.

Both these things match with what Rob can recall Lola telling him her real name was and what she was wearing. He's not 100% on the name but it's bloody close. Scarily close.

So. Until we have been advised how to handle this we're keeping it to ourselves. What we thought was dead and burred rises up again to bite us in the arse!