Ryan Atlridge

Ryan is a Private "velcro" in the US Army. He lives in the apartment complex formerly managed by Samuel Macy. When I got there he was packing a Wrangler ready to head out to the base. I asked if I could speak about Samuel Macy when I told him who I was.

After a bit of a struggle he agreed to answer some questions as long as I didn’t make him late for work. He was a bit reticent at first but opened up pretty quickly.

During the course of our interview I asked him about the rumors that Samuel Macy was experimenting with his sexuality, what he did in his down time, how he was as an army trainer, if he knew anything about the Phoenix Lounge and of course about the events in Samuel Macy’s apartment.

The whole interview started out good. Ryan was open to talking and seemed to like the chance to be heard. He seemed to revel in the spotlight for a brief time but when the topic turned to the darker side of Samuel Macy, Ryan stopped his open dialogue. In the final parts of the interview his body language changed completely from the person he was when I arrived to an aggressive, almost stereotypical angry soldier. It was a real eye opener to see how radically his personality switched.

The following excerpts from the interview have been condensed:

I asked Ryan about Samuel Macy’s lifestyle and demeanor.

Ryan’s response:

I don’t know. Dude. What are you asking? Did he say he was into that shit? No. He kept himself to himself. I mean… I only knew him for a short while. He was, you know cool. Like, he was a pain in the ass at work. He really fucked you up if you didn’t get your shit in line but that’s his job. That’s what he did. You should speak to Scottie if you really wan to know Mace.”

I spoke to Ryan about Samuel’s truck having heard about it from Rob.

Ryan’s response:

Sure. He was a nut job. When I got here he was drinking a lot but that seemed to stop. He got real into off-roading. He took his truck into the desert loads dude. He loved that thing. We used to share the odd six-pack sometimes while he fucked around with something on that thing. You should check out Larry De Gamo. He knew Mace for way more than me. He has a shop down in Victorville, some small place. It’s kinda hard to find but someone down there will know him.”

I knew Samuel was separated from his wife. I probed Ryan on this and the rumors surrounding Samuel’s separation.

Ryan’s response:

I heard the rumors but that’s his business right? I mean, dude, if someone says that you’re a freak you’re not going to open up to the world are you. I figured he was just dealing with the rumors by keeping a low profile. I figured him for just another disillusioned vet. You see so many. The guys who come back from their tours and can’t deal with life. It’s fucked up. I have buddies that got trapped in the stop loss bullshit and fell to bits.”

I wanted to find out from Ryan if he or anyone he knew had ever been inside Samuel’s apartment. I wanted to know if Samuel have friends round at all?

Ryan’s response:

Inside? I never went inside his place until I heard the commotion. Even then I waasn't sure. Fuck, he didn’t let anyone in. A fucking mess. The whole thing just freaked me out. I really don’t want to talk about it. Ask the cops. Fuck they won’t say shit. I dunno. He’s a cop. He was CHP right? There’s your clue! Those assholes close ranks. You ain’t gonna get anything from those guys. Look I’ll tell you what I told them. I heard the commotion. Macy’s truck got jacked and someone was in Sam's place with him. I don’t know what went down. I heard noise so I took a look. You know what? Fuck you! Ask your friend, maybe he was into the freaky shit.”

I wanted to find out about the bar Robert mentioned. I asked Ryan if he knew about it and the things that supposedly went on in there.

Ryan’s response:

Do I drink in the Phoenix? Fuck no! Dude you want my advice? Keep the fuck away from that place. Look, sir, I have to go. I’m due on at the base. You done? Good. I’m finished. Please leave. Go. ‘kay? Leave. I’m done. Don’t come round here again.”